Mask Kits

We have received many, many requests for face mask supplies and kits. We thought about it and decided to put together basic kits for those that would like to have them sent right to their homes – or picked up curbside.

We encourage you to do your research to find the best mask pattern for your needs. There are many, many patterns out there available for use. We have found this one to be our favorite, and there are design options when sewing it.

It has been highly recommended that you pre-wash all of your fabrics in warm water and dry on medium, before sewing your mask.

Please note: We are not medical professionals! These masks are not meant to replace an N95 mask. They are simply an added layer of protection if used properly when out in public. Please do some research & reading on how to properly wear and care for your homemade masks. Let’s all do our part to protect ourselves, our families & friends, and others around us. Be safe & stay healthy 🙂

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